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  Electrification of electrophoresis system

      For more than 30 years ROUGIER ELECTROMECANIQUE accompanies the actors of the automotive sector in the creation and development of electrical systems for electrophoresis surface treatment units.

Today, technical universally recognized for the protection of the chassis and bodywork, the treatment by cataphoresis bath allowed builders to always rise above the requirements for corrosion control.

     In partnership with the world leaders in handling, such as: DURR SYSTEMS, GEICO, EISENMANN, JERVIS WEBB, TAYKISHA, CINETIC, ..., we were able to put our expertise at their disposal to study, develop and produce systems satisfying at the increasingly innovative criterias of our partners, while allowing easy maintenance due to our high expertise of nearly 70 achievements.

      This continued investment has enabled us to be present on 5 continents and in more than 40 automotive plants around the world. Thus we equip all French plants Renault, and PSA, and a significant number of their sites worldwide. But we also work for foreign manufacturers such as: VOLVO Sweden, HUNDAY Turkey, VOLKSWAGEN Slovakia, HONDA Canada, G.M. USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Ecuador, JAGUAR England, FORD Brazil, Romania, Austria, DAIMLER, NISSAN Russia, Mexico, ...

       These techniques are not only used for the protection of motor cases, but one can also find the principle of painting by cataphoresis bath in various industrial fields to protect parts such as carcasses of household appliances, electrical wardrobe, surface treatment or in automotive subcontractors.   

      Specifically, our expertise in this area allows us to offer solutions for:

            - The power rails and electrification of cataphoresis.

            - The current collectors and sliding contacts circulating on these rails.

            - Shunting systems for the joints of the arms of pendulums.

            - Power systems sledge, via the magnets hands.

        Whether to build a new facility, improve an existing installation, or to appraise a recurring problem, do not hesitate to use our services, we will strive to bring you our know-how in this field.

Contact : Annie BOUGNON
Phone: 01 48 78 81 97
Fax :  01 45 96 07 90 
Adress :
11, Henry Monnier - F 75009 - PARIS
  E-mail: info@rougier-electro.fr


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