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For more than 30 years, ROUGIER is the official distributor of the range of Insulated rails FABA, range covering the needs of 30 to 400A.

Developed originally, and still used for the feeding of overhead cranes and overhead conveyors, the FABA rail by his high implementation flexibility can be found in other areas such as large diameter electrical slip rings, amusement parks or industrial processing of household waste.

With a catalog of hundreds of references, and complying with electrical codes,

this range of insulated electrical rails will allow you to meet all the needs of your handling equipment feeding.

Proven in the most demanding industrial environments, the product has showen his longevity and his fiabilté.

Present among the largest automakers FABA rail has imposed itself by its excellent performance / cost ratio.

Our mastery of the product, has allowed us to develop rotating contacts in case of turn tables and carousels.
Contact : Annie BOUGNON
Phone: 01 48 78 81 97
Fax :  01 45 96 07 90 
Adress :
11, Henry Monnier - F 75009 - PARIS
E-mail : info@rougier-electro.fr


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