Reconstruction of a set of slip rings Ø400mm for electric motor, two brass connections Ø20mm by ring. In the photo, he is accompanied, in the foreground, by a set of slip rings Ø230mm Type LEROY SOMER.

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Here is a small sample of what we can manufacture. In the photo, a set of 2 Ø70 rings made of molding for the smaller, up to a set of slip rings Ø280 type ABB, for the most imposing.We can see also the standard Ø120, Ø200 and 230mm for LEROY SOMER motors, or reconstruction of a Ø215 collector rings with ventilated rings.
Manufacturing of 100 engine carbon brushes types EL9, filed under the category of "electro-graphitic", we find this type of material in DC motors of any power, traction motors or universal motors. These brushes have the characteristic of being composed of three blocks of graphite whose shapes fit together perfectly, 2 blocks "down" receive the cables while the top one slides on the cables and form the mop head.

Sectored rings collector with grooved anti-bypass
Engine rings, two rings disaggregated by track Ø200, with anti-dust groove.
Ø230 collector rings for motor LEROY SOMER. Steel hub with keyway, bronze rings with anti-dust groove, connection by M12 brass rods.
Brush holder single-arm range RT, fastener : insulating charged with fiberglass, possible bore from 10 to 16mm.

Rings commutator molded Ø120mm for motor LEROY SOMER
Carbon brushes dimensions 30x30x30, reference 849136 for CEM engine, available in 32x32x32.

Brush-holder spark plug type for contacts Ø6mm, 2 versions available, with closing cap and without cap with pinning. Various contacts exist, carbo-bronze, carbo-silver, metallic fabric.
Reconstruction of engine rings UNELEC, 3 Ø200 disaggregated rings, slip rings anti-dust grooved, welded lantern with balancing disk.

Manufacture of Current collector to power supply of an automobile painting line CATAPHORESIS. Mounting brackets welded plugs, sliding contacts bronze with graphite inserts, shunts made of highly flexible copper braid. Current carrying capacity 1600 amps.

Slip rings Cefilac types, for cable winder, the number of rings varies by model, terminal block connection.
Carbon brushes for electric motor Jeumont, section 20 x (2x25) x40

couronne porte-charbon Rehabilitation of a brush holder crown for DC motor, replacement of brush holder manufacture the insulating support disc.
Study, design and implementation of a rotary electric collector Ø200, 18 + earth rings. Hollow shaft mounting. Rotary contact for a bench test propellers.
Study, design and realization of electrical contact pads on insulating base for recharging batteries in stationary.
Slip rings Ø320 ABB. welded steel ventilated Hub, disaggregated bronze rings, flat copper connection.
Example of standard brush-holders and out of range brush-holders, our design, welded brass and bronze.
Reconstruction of rings Ø330 for engine JEUMONT SCHNEIDER FT 63S - 280 kW - 750tr / min - B3 - IP55

Design and construction of a carbon collector shoe, spherical contact Ø60mm in 2 parts, that can pass 1500 amperes continuously for several hours, for a surface treatment machine.
Electrical rotary collector Ø150, 3 rings, shaft crossing mounting, reduced space, for the entertainment industry.

Study, design and realization of a Ø400mm slip rings assemblies for port crane.

Box assortment of 24 models of 4 carbon brushes for handle power tool and small electric motors, composition on demand.

Carbon brushes carbo-bronze for high power, 25x40x40, for mounting on brush-holders type DAL
Slip rings assemblies Ø200, connection by terminal blocks Legrand in IP55 box, standard version up to 40 rings + earth.
hooded rotating mass plug, diameter 150 mm, mounting flange 3 points.
Design and construction of a multi-contact ground connection for a pipeline welder

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