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Rehabilitation of a 250 amps fixed collector, rings, brushes, brushholders, brush axes.
Repair of the broken central axis, complete cleaning of the envelope, anti-flash painting.
Ø150 rotary joint, threaded hub fixation, electrical connection by terminal block at the top of the stack of rings, brush-holders ROUGIER Electromecanique with 6.35mm connector terminals.
Electrical rotary contact Ø200, 3 rings + earth power 65 amps, and two silver tracks with carbo-silver brushes for the passage of low current (current loop, probe ...)
Compact slip ring assemblies Ø200, 100mm bore, rings 2 + earth, through axis mounting by pointed screws, 16A intensity for the packaging industry.
Stainless steel IP55 cowl, height 3 meters, electric customer connections in Legrand box.
A motor slip rings Ø210 reconstruction, recovering hub, reassembly bronze rings threaded with outputs of copper and insulating pads for making connection perpendicular threaded rods M12 brass.
Re-manufacturing batches in 5 parts, forming a rotating electric collector assembled. Slip rings Ø60, carbon brushes, brush holder.

Repairing a grooved rings collector Ø130mm, connection by copper flat spots . The reconstruction was done on the original hub to minimize costs.
Ø200 electrical slip rings assemblies, connection by terminal blocks Legrand, in IP55 box, model specially developed for wastewater treatment plants.

Electric rotary contact Ø150mm, fixing hub shaft end, arrival of the power cables from the top, user connection in PLEXO boxes LEGRAND equipped with terminal blocks.

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